Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blog number what now?

I... have too many blogs.

For some absurd reason I thought giving some topics there own blog was a 'good idea'... jugging by the date of my last relevant post here that was probably a mistake. But then again not everyone wants to know about my ability to kill plants or things about my job and yada yada yada.

Jesus wept what was I thinking?

Oh well....

Monday, June 4, 2012

A good ol' fashion post

Just making sure everything is in good working order.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Review

So, I got a Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board.

I love it. I have been haveing a blast.

I also hurt my legs from playing too much in one go. Very sore mussels are very annoying. I blame the marching game and my need to have the best score possible.

I plan on trying out the yoga tonight to see if it will help the soreness and to see what it's like. But so far this has totally been worth the money. I really wish I had gotten this over the winter.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why do I live in this city?

I hate the city I live in.

Let me try that again. I do not like the city I live in and can not stand the people that live here. There, that sounds better. I also have to say that I never wanted to move here.

My parents moved us here about 13-14 years ago. I was in high school and had to leave my few friends in California. The weather was a novelty then and I didn't know the people yet. Since then I have found the the new friends I made here were mostly assholes. I do have a few good ones but still they can be assholes. My job currently has me stuck here and I have been told by a few people that I should go back to California. One of which was my little sister who moved out of this city as fast as she could.

Since then I have seen and heard a lot.

This city is full of failing wonder. Anything nice is destroyed by the weather, government or the people that live here. The weather is pretty strait forward. There is snow and there is a lot of it. Outside of that, for a city known for it's snow they sure as hell don't know how to deal with it. I see more accidents and poor driving then I ever thought was possible for this city. At first I chalked it up to myself being a new driver but holy crap. I saw a 7 car fender bender happen because some guy was checking out another accident.

All the drivers are gawkers. If there is another accident on the road that is safely off to the side and out of the way? There will be an ungodly amount of traffic. This happened earlier this week to me. Hell, when we got the electric billboards I was stuck in traffic 2hrs because everyone slowed down to watch it. I had been in the proses of calling in late when I saw this. I was pissed, swore and apologized to my boss over the phone. Thank god he laughed it off and said "I'll see you when you get in". I think my bosses like seeing me try and calm down after getting stuck in stupid & pointless traffic.

No one will take responsibility for any of their actions.

The racist verbal abuse is just obscene. I swear if i hear one more person say a racist comment and follow it up with "but I'm not racist." I'll scream. Hell, I have called my parents racist when they have done this and told them that they disgust me. That was a fun argument and thank god they stopped. But I think they stopped less because of the argument and more because I told them they fit right in to the city now.

Everyone complains and doesn't do anything to fix the problem. And then they complain that it wasn't fixed. probably one of my biggest reasons for wanting to leave. A person can listen to this for long before one goes bat shit crazy. I started hearing this sort of thing about10 years ago and I haven't heard the end of it yet. I have tried to help but even if I can find a group to join nothing seems to happen and the group dissolves after a month. It gets depressing after the first few times.

I can't help but feel like living here is killing me. My art has suffered and I have no drive to create. My allergies have gone haywire since moving here. I think I just really need to leave.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coworker Rage

2-17-11 I am so furious right now. A coworker that has been seriously slacking off just belittled me in front of a customer and the owner of the company.

3-4-11 He did it again. I talked with another coworker about it and came to the conclusion that I can't do anything about it.

The above are for my own records so if something ever happens at least I will have the dates to refer to. But holy crap. This guy is turning into a class A asshole. He just does not want to work and he is paid far more then me. You have no idea how much this pisses me off.

Fortunately I'm not the only one that he is doing this crap to. With luck he will shape up and stop this crap. which is a better thing then him getting fired(ha!) or him not getting fired and doing worse.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Put a Header Image in Blogger

Go to the DESIGN tab of the page you want to change. Directly under the word Nav Bar should be the header to your blog. This will be the first box. There will be a little EDIT BUTTON to the far side for it. CLICK IT.

 Click for full image.

In the window that comes up there will be a section that says Image. This is what you need. You will have to choose if you want to up load an image or if you would like to link to one. Similar to this:

After you decide, you will have to select one of these choices:

Then you are all set. Personaly I upload my own image. Depending on what the title image is, I would select which wold work best. And there you have it. It is so easy yet at the same time it is so hard to find. This is here as much for you as it is for me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Supporting Web Comics

I have found a lot of web comics that I like to read. I always promise myself that I will by something of theirs to help support them but never get the chance to. Usually because bills show up and take all my money.

But! I recently started advertising with Project Wonderful and found that a lot of my comics host ads for them.

So now I am hunting the sites I love for the little Project Wonderful link and bidding for ads on them when I can. It's not a lot of support but to me it feel like I'm doing something to show my support.